Remodeling Must Dos for Your Beach House

Remodeling for Naples

In Naples, Florida, the ocean and its white sandy beaches are the stars. Unfortunately, not every beachfront home comes with our city’s natural beauty on display. When it comes to remodeling your beach home your buzzwords should be light and bright, with an emphasis on airy indoor-outdoor style. The size of your living space shouldn’t deter you from getting the most out of your Naples beachfront home. Even condos can feel like a sprawling beach house when you focus on these five areas:

Walls and Windows Remodeling

Changing a stifling floor plan can be as simple as removing a traditional wall and rebuilding it with a wall of windows or glass doors that let in ocean breezes without sacrificing privacy or your unique style. Opening sight lines through the house makes your living space feel larger and lighter, like the beach itself. French doors and operable transom windows allow for lots of natural light and cooling breezes to turn your indoor space into an outdoor lounge.

Transform Your Space With Paint

There’s nothing like clean, white paint to make a room feel as open as the outdoors. The color turns small spaces larger and large spaces into elegant showrooms.

Kitchen Remodeling

Maintain the clean, fresh feel of your beach home in the hub of the house: the kitchen. Architectural lighting, glass-front cabinets, stainless steel and sleek counter tops define the space but tie it into the feel of your new indoor outdoor living style without compromising luxury and comfort. Maintain a natural palette in everything from the cabinets to the flooring and the room and enjoy a sense of calm, even when you’re cooking up a storm.

Living room Organization

Most family living spaces are in need of an upgrade when it comes to storage and entertainment. We recommend custom media centers to hide and organize toys, books and games without detracting from the fresh, clean look of the home. Investing in new multi-media equipment turns a catch-all living room into an entertainment center.

Update Flooring

Large tiles are a cost-effective and Florida-friendly way to instantly update a beach home. The size of the modern large tile is 24”X24” to 36”X36” versus traditional 12”X12” tiles. The larger is available in a wide variety of materials and shapes more and more homeowners can adapt them to any décor style. A word of caution, large-format tiles are heavy and require a perfectly level substrate, which means you’ll need to hire a professional contractor to install the tiles correctly

Bathroom Remodeling

There is no end to the amazing ways a professional remodeling team can transform a lackluster bathroom, but when it comes to a beach home bathroom we recommend making the switch from the traditional bathtub-shower to a spa shower. Sleek shower heads can be positioned in multiple locations so rinsing off after a long day at the beach is just as luxurious as rejuvenating in a spa. Lighted shower niche, steam fixtures and other upgrade elements are available to make the shower beat out the bathtub for relaxing comfort.

If you’re ready to update your beachfront living space, stop by our Kitchen & Bath Showroom and see all the flooring, tile and remodeling fixtures we have available.


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