Get Maximum Resale Value from your Kitchen Remodel

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To many homeowners making the  tough choice to sell their home, the last thing they’d probably consider doing before the house gets on the market is to put more money into the property. The truth is, much like businesses that spend more before the end of their fiscal year for better tax write-offs, investing in the home even when moving out can offer a significant payoff. Real estate agents will tell you that when you remodel your kitchen, you will get a much bigger return of investment when you sell your home.

 Install Hardwood Floors

According to a 2013 survey by the National Association of Realtors new home buyers admitted they would have spent upwards of $2,080 extra to have hardwood floors in their new homes. That sentiment hasn’t change since then, especially in the kitchen which is the crucial component to a sale. In that same survey 80% of buyers in all age groups said that hardwood was “somewhat” to “very” important. Men and women buyers both agree that hardwood adds to the allure of a home and the material works great with any type of floor plan.

 Refinish the Cabinets

While an expensive cabinet overhaul might not be the best investment when planning on moving anyway, refacing the objects and upgrading the knobs on the other hand is a great way to attract buyers. Refinished cabinets look nice but they also plant in the back of a buyer’s mind that an upgrade (if they want) in the near future is an option.

 Backsplash Upgrade

Years of cooking in the kitchen and the toll of light in the bright room can really dull out the kitchen splashback, something that is supposed to be the cornerstone of the room. A neutral ceramic splashback in something like a subway tile design is something to show off to buyers instead of just hoping they don’t notice.

Upgrade the Appliances

Remodeling the kitchen appliances has a two-fold effect on buyers – the style attracts their tastes and the energy efficiency appeals to their wallets. A strong real estate agent can sell a buyer just on their cost savings from the appliance upgrades alone let alone the appeal and style that a stainless refrigerator offers.

 General Cleaning / Maintenance

Making sure all the appliances in your home work and having the area as spotless as possible are another key aspect to reselling the kitchen. Having a plumber, electrician, and professional cleaning crew come in could be the deciding factor in getting the sale or having the buyer walk.


The kitchen is the most important area of your home so don’t try to do everything yourself. Stop into our Kitchen and Bath showroom in Naples for a free consultation and let us guide you as you plan to remodel your kitchen.



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