REALTOR Cheat Sheet

REALTOR® Cheat Sheet

In the Florida real estate market, REALTORS® are often asked questions about construction and remodeling costs for home improvement projects. We wanted to make it easier on you and offer a simple-to-use remodeling cheat sheet for you to offer correct information to your clients.

Using this cheat sheet, you can determine the price it would cost to remodel an entire condo, a kitchen, or just a bathroom with a simple calculation. As a licensed Naples contractor since 2002, we guarantee that our prices are accurate representations of construction costs in the Southwest Florida area.

This remodeling cheat sheet offers average prices for basic licensed contractor services. Prices have been calculated and broken down to cost per square foot or per linear foot. Download your free REALTOR® cheat sheet here: Remodeling pricing guide

We know your clients usually have a budget in mind when they decide to purchase a property in need of a remodel. We offer pricing for low end, mid-range and high-end budgets already calculated for you! All you need to do now is measure up the space and use the formula.

We work with realtors, interior designers and other home service professionals regularly. Please stop by our Kitchen and Bath showroom or call us today to discuss opportunities to work together.

Client  Reviews

All members of the Palm Bros team were terrific. Melissa was invaluable in helping us make selections.
Brandon was great at listening to our dreams for the remodel.
Working with Palm Brothers was great from the first day to the last.
Their designer listened to our needs and offered some “forward thinking” ideas.
I have gotten tons of compliments of my condo remodel! It came out beautifully!
We had new floors put in, a total redo of kitchen and Master bath and custom closets!
Palm Brothers did an amazing job renovating our condo.
They are a very professional and reliable organization.
Palm Brothers was our design and consruction company for an extensive renovation of our codominium.
They were reliable, clean and orderly and kept to the schedule.
They produced well-constructed beautiful cabinetry for me–cutting edge, contemporary.
Excellent to work with. Completely remodeled our Naples Fl condo.
Gave them the keys and came back 6 weeks later and everything and detail perfect.
Contracted to design, fabricate and install large shelving and entertainment center.
The work was done quickly, professionally and exactly as promised.