Our Process

Our Process

In 2018, 2017, 2016, and 2014 we won the prestigious Best of Houzz award for Customer Service. We specialize in interior remodeling, commercial renovations and custom woodworking. As a member of the American Society of Interior Designers and the National Kitchen and Bath Association, we work closely with architects and designers to ensure that we always exceed your expectations. Our kitchen and bath showroom, located at 1410 Pine Ridge Road Suite 15 in Naples, Florida, offers luxury brand names in cabinetry, plumbing, flooring, mosaics, lighting and more.

Your Southwest Florida remodeling project will follow these four phases:

When new clients visit our showroom for an estimate on a project, we typically ask for three pieces of information before sending a contractor to the job site to do a visual review.

1. A basic floor plan, architectural plans or measurements.

2. Their estimated budget to determine how much they plan to invest in the project. We ask for this to get a better understanding of the fixtures and finishes we can offer as well as understanding what’s possible for both our potential client and ourselves.

3. The scope of work. Or, to put it another way, we need to understand what the potential client is hoping to accomplish, what their needs are, and what kind of ideas they have to start with.

Using this collected information we can offer estimated square foot pricing, based on calculations and averages compiled over more than two decades in the remodeling business. You can bet that the numbers we offer will be accurate since we use real data to calculate those numbers. Keep in mind that design and selections can affect these numbers.

To further narrow down budget parameters, we are one of the only remodeling showrooms in the region to offer a “Good, Better & Best” pricing system in the showroom so that new and existing clients can select fixtures and finishes that fit their budget needs. For example: If we know we are trying to stick to a “Good” budget then we need to select material in the level 1 category, choosing a floor tile that is in the level 3 (best) category will obviously increase budget, and the client is aware of making that choice during the process. As a result of this system, our clients are not “surprised” or disappointed with the overall result and cost!

1. A meeting takes place in our showroom to discuss design solutions and selections.  A design retainer will be expected during this first initial phase to begin on CAD drawings. Simple CAD drawings for the floor plan and elevations are developed to describe proposed solutions. Contractor will meet with specific trades needed to confirm plans/design.

2. Revisions/changes from Step 1 are incorporated into the drawings, following client review. The drawings are modified to a detailed set of working drawings, including elevations and interpretive drawings, which include Plumbing and Electrical (as needed).  Step two includes two sets of revisions for all drawings.  A second meeting is to take place in the showroom, where final selections are confirmed.  A detailed scope of work will be provided where the specific products and selections.

3.  A third meeting is conducted where final project drawings and the contractual documents with product specifications are presented to the client for signature.

4.  Any deviation from the scope of work and contract, following signed plans from Step 3, will be in the form of a change order.  Additional design fee’s may apply.

  • Construction
  • Deliveries
  • On-site staff
  • Inspections
  • Changes
  • Finishing
  • Walk-through
  • Clean-up
  • Punch List

Remodeling your home can be a daunting prospect, but if you start with clear expectations and good communication, it can be an exciting time of change and renewal. To make it easier, we ensure that you will work with one project supervisor throughout your job.
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Remodeling Tips

For a hassle-free remodeling project, check out these guidelines before we get started.

Relocate during the project if you can

Remodeling season in Southwest Florida is mid-spring through early fall, which means you should schedule your project now to give you the time you’ll need to arrange for alternative living space while your contractor remodels your home. Of course, this is ideal for snowbirds that enjoy a dual residency between northern states in the summer and sunny Florida in the winter, but can be accomplished even if you want to remodel your primary residence. Use this time to get in touch with friends and family or arrange for an extended vacation if you can. Getting out of the way of your construction team allows them to get the job done faster than if they need to work around you. Always verify the construction time frame with your home owners association (HOA) or management company before work starts. Most associations limit construction to May through October.

Set up a central communication area

If you are stuck living in a construction zone, don’t panic it’s normal. Most people undergoing a remodeling project are also living in the job site. Your second-best alternative to relocating is to establish a central communication area in the house for any paperwork, messages and updates between you and the contractors so you can be prepared for water or lights to be shut off and other unavoidable byproducts of construction.

Settle on a timeline before construction starts

Ask your remodeler for an estimated timeline in the planning stages. Although the timing may change depending on variables outside your – or their – control, having a timeline in hand will give you an idea of what to expect week by week.

Keep your neighbors in the loop

Be a good neighbor and let them know that you’ll be starting a home improvement project. Explain that power tools will only be used during normal business hours; outline the clean-up measures in place so they aren’t concerned with debris littering the sidewalks; offer contact information for both you and your remodeling company in case they need to reach someone in an emergency.
As you plan for your next remodel, keep in mind that your home improvement project will result in a living space that you and your family will enjoy long into the future. The more prepared you are to undertake some changes to your daily routine the easier the project will be. Hiring a professional remodeling company with the certifications, experience and professional respect that comes with reputable providers will go a long way toward ensuring that any disruptions to your daily schedule is worth it.

Client  Reviews

All members of the Palm Bros team were terrific. Melissa was invaluable in helping us make selections.
Brandon was great at listening to our dreams for the remodel.
Working with Palm Brothers was great from the first day to the last.
Their designer listened to our needs and offered some “forward thinking” ideas.
I have gotten tons of compliments of my condo remodel! It came out beautifully!
We had new floors put in, a total redo of kitchen and Master bath and custom closets!
Palm Brothers did an amazing job renovating our condo.
They are a very professional and reliable organization.
Palm Brothers was our design and consruction company for an extensive renovation of our codominium.
They were reliable, clean and orderly and kept to the schedule.
They produced well-constructed beautiful cabinetry for me–cutting edge, contemporary.
Excellent to work with. Completely remodeled our Naples Fl condo.
Gave them the keys and came back 6 weeks later and everything and detail perfect.
Contracted to design, fabricate and install large shelving and entertainment center.
The work was done quickly, professionally and exactly as promised.