We love these back splash trends for 2016

A decorative back splash can add fresh appeal to an outdated kitchen or bathroom. But beware! Even a small error in floor, wall, or bath tile can be an eyesore. Misplace one tile and you’ll throw off the pattern, a mistake that can prove to be expensive, disruptive and messy.  We recommend hiring a professional licensed contractor to install the back splash and advise you on current trends in materials and design. After all, you don’t want to find yourself spending time and money on an outdated upgrade.

Popular back splash materials

Glass tile is a long-held favorite of both designers and home buyers, and in 2016 designers are once again saying that ceramic tile is out and glass tile is hot, according to HomeAdvisor.com. Other hot options include travertine, slate, stone or granite in a variety of forms. Be wary of pastel and other dated colors. Focus on finding tile in a color that matches a color or tone of your counter top.


Hire a licensed contractor for your installation

Aside from the obvious benefit of hiring a professional to do the job correctly, a licensed contractor with a lot of installation experience will bring creativity to the table. Past jobs done well mean your contractor will be able to advise you on the best way to highlight your room’s best features and even give you color and material recommendations.

When the work is done and it’s time to sign off on the job, focus on the tile layout. Is it balanced? A good tiler begins in the center of a room so fractional tiles at opposite ends of the pattern end up the same size. Also check doorways, windows and corners — especially odd-shaped angles in the baseboard or trim. Because custom-cutting tile is challenging at these trouble spots, they’re a good indication of a tiler’s skill. Look for snug-fitting tiles, and be wary of wide gaps with gobs of grout. Also check that tiles are tucked neatly beneath doorjambs, not butted against them, which looks terrible and creates an access point for water.

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