How to Remodel With Windows

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Florida is a paradise of sunshine and light. But whether or not you live in the Sunshine state or in the cozy Northern climates, big, beautiful windows are vital to your health and happiness at home. Windows are often overlooked as a source of style and design, but they are the most important aspects of a newly remodeled home.

In a recent indoor-outdoor remodeling project, we turned a wall into a window overlooking the outdoor lounge and kitchen area. The result was a suddenly expanded indoor living space filled with light.

For security considerations, there are many options of “unbreakable” glass. According to an article in the SF Gate Home Guide, “Unbreakable glass is not really unbreakable, and it comes in two different types — one actually made from glass and the other a clear plastic. Both are available in standard window casings and may be installed in homes. Homeowners primarily interested in security may prefer to only have the windows replaced in more vulnerable areas, such as the first-floor level. Protection against storm damage requires the special glass windows to be installed along the side of the home where the winds typically blow.”

Certainly those are great suggestions to consider as you make a purchase.

Aesthetically, renovated windows get a burst of life with custom millwork framing. We offer an in-house custom woodworking shop to create custom window sills and frames with custom finishes.

According to House Logic, “patio doors made of low-E tempered glass, which has a special coating that increases energy efficiency. Sunlight shines in, but low-E glass suppresses heat flow, reducing energy loss by as much as 50%. If new patio doors aren’t in the cards for you, there’s always window film, which essentially adds a low-E coating to glass.”

If new windows aren’t in your budget at the moment, we recommend exploring one of the many wallpaper-for-windows options. These range from films that transform ugly views into stained glass, speckled vistas to privacy frosts for showers and bathrooms.

These are just a few of the options to design with windows. As you move through your remodeling plans with your licensed contractor, remember that unusual window placement can also add visual appeal to an otherwise traditional area. These Houzz examples offer fantastic pictures of large window designs as well as great ideas about choosing new locations for your windows.

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