How to Create Kitchen Storage out of Walls

When is a wall more than a room separator? When it’s re-functioned into storage space. A wall is just wood framework and plaster; the space between the studs is not only functional, but can also add architectural interest and a pop of personality. Adding custom cabinetry and accessories allows you to use this extra storage space for spices, pots and pans or utensils.

Most storage space can be built into your kitchen anytime without undergoing a complete renovation.

Use a licensed professional contractor: Your builder will first check for the location of the studs before confirming that the wall space is usable, which means no wiring, plumbing or electrical is in the usable area. Refunctioning space into extended storage isn’t limited to wall space, you can also add storage to your existing refrigerator, cupboards and drawer.

A pull out chrome pantry from Italian luxury kitchen line Veneta Cucine adds storage space into a refrigerator.

Make your cupboards and drawers more functional with pull out cabinet accessories. Choose one made with double wall construction and a concealed progressive drawer slide system for a sleek, contemporary design that can be further customized with in-drawer add-ons and organization accessories.

Lazy Susan pull-outs make corner cabinet spaces more user-friendly and functional.

Hinged shelving adds much-needed accessibility to base cabinets.

An under-counter wine rack and sleek odor-removing stove hood are instant kitchen upgrades that don’t break the bank.

All cabinet accessories can be custom-built for specific kitchen solutions.

Talk to us: What would you do with more storage space in your kitchen? Call us for a free consultation and we can start adding creative, custom cabinet accessories to your kitchen today. Visit our Kitchen and Bath Remodeling showroom at 1410 Pine Ridge Road, to see custom cabinets, flooring, backsplash and other remodeling elements.


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