Have you seen the new evolution of Range Hoods?

Elica Star Range Hood Naples

Range hoods have always had one clear purpose: ventilate cooking odors so your kitchen doesn’t stink. In the past, kitchen hoods were big and bulky, taking up valuable wall space or – in the case of island hoods – creating a visual barrier between chef and guests. But that was in the past. These days, range hoods have evolved into sleeker, stylish versions of their bulkier incarnations, but with all of the function that made them integral to a well-run kitchen.

Palm Brothers Remodeling is a distributor of Elica range hoods; a manufacturer that has taken the traditional hood and transformed into a piece of art without sacrificing any of the basic functions.

We feature the Star range hood from Elica in our Kitchen and Bath showroom in Naples. Stop in and see it today, and while you’re there you can schedule a free remodeling consultation.

Its beauty and simplicity instantly updates any kitchen, but it also provides sufficient suction to meet your needs; an effective light source to facilitate food preparation; a design that suits your tastes and your needs; a high level of usability and a low noise level.

Talk to us: Are you considering a kitchen renovation? Visit our Kitchen and Bath showroom in Naples and see what a difference a new range hood will make to your remodeling project. We are happy to schedule a free on-site consultation to determine the size and scope of your renovation.


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