Unusual Wine Cellars

Palm Brothers Remodeling designed, built and installed the country’s first wine cellar in a Naples, Florida, funeral home this year. The unique project was featured on NBC-2 in Naples, Florida.

Wine cellar added to Naples funeral home

NAPLES, FL – Have you ever heard of a wine cellar inside a funeral home? Sounds kind of crazy, right? Well, now there’s a funeral parlor in Naples that offers a wine gathering during its services. “Strange…they don’t seem to go together,” said Lee Vumbacco, Naples.

“I have never, never even close to it,” said Seth Minson, General Manager at Hodges Funeral Home in North Naples.

In fact, Minso believes it’s the first wine cellar at a funeral parlor in the entire country — and it’s right here in Southwest Florida. “Nobody wants to go to a funeral; nobody wants to stay at a funeral home. So we’ve been renovating things,” Minso said.

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The project was also featured in the Naples Daily News…

Raise a glass: Hodges Funeral Home opens wine cellar for mourners

There will come a day when someone will walk into Hodges Funeral Home, do a double take and wonder if they are in the right place.

They will look to their left and see a dark, sexy room with leather arm chairs and glass-topped wine barrels for tables. They’ll walk in a little further and whip their head back and forth, looking for a bartender.

Instead, they might bump into Seth Minso, funeral director and general manager. After assuring them that they are indeed inside a funeral parlor, he will have to explain the significance of a posh wine cellar at a place of death, his touch of nightlife for the afterlife.

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