How to Bring Your Rooms to Life

The sad truth is that we’re not all meant to be decorators, no matter how good we might think that leg lamp looks in the front window. But just because it can be difficult to know what how to match colors between pillows and couches, what kinds of materials make a home more inviting, or how to use different lighting to transform a room, doesn’t mean we can’t make things look better.

In fact, it doesn’t cost a lot a money to turn a decent room in a great room. Some of the best ideas come from having decorating with what you’ve got on hand or have had handed down to you.

These are tips to liven up, warm up, or even reinvent, some of your favorite rooms.

Setting the Mood

lighting fixtures naples, flJust like music, lighting has the ability to transform your environment.

Have you noticed how the right lighting can make a cold space warm, or a sterile room romantic? Architectural lighting, or even just adding a dimmer switch to existing lighting can not only create ambiance, but also make a space seem bigger.

Shaping Space

flooring store, naples, flUsing colors you like and a variety of materials and fabrics can create different visual and physical feelings. Sheer, wispy materials create a more sensuous and romantic space, while thick, burlap materials provide a more somber tone. Use textiles to set the mood or attitude for each room.

Shapes are an often overlooked part of interior design. Blocked shapes tend to feel more sterile and modern, while curved shapes convey feelings of comfort and relaxation.

Do you love antiques, but you gravitate toward a modern look? Older pieces can offer character and charm. If the piece is a little worn, add paint, fabric, or other materials to make it look new again.


Decorating isn’t like laundry; you can combine lights and darks and nobody is going to tell you that you’re doing it wrong. Resist the traditional tendency to match color schemes. Finding ways to link uncommon colors can give you a nice, new feel that is unexpected.

kitchen and bath remodeling showroom naples

Using washed-out, bright, or saturated colors determine if a room is warm and inviting, or all business. Choose the right color by determining what you want the room to say to you or to guests. Or, play it safe and just use color accents on a neutral base.

Want more advice? We are a design-build firm, so we can not only help you with the interior look, but also create it for you! Visit our kitchen and bath showroom to schedule a free consultation.


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