Best Natural Remodeling Materials

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The most sustainable materials to build and decorate with are natural. Those include wood, stone, marble, brick and metals such as steel, copper and iron. Not only are these materials beautiful and natural, but they also add unique flair and warmth to your décor.There is a widely held belief that natural remodeling is based on faux materials or limited to bamboo, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Working with natural materials is a time-honored tradition that – when done in cooperation with sustainable growing practices – actually supports the environment’s natural ability to rejuvenate and replenish resources. We responsibly source all wood products and other natural materials from respected providers with a history of sustainable practice.

Watch this video for details about how working with wood is not only environmentally responsible, but provides better quality materials and results in long lasting construction with timeless beauty.

Cedar is an ideal natural remodeling material in southwest Florida

Cedar trees have developed natural protections against insects, rot and temperature-related damage. This makes them one of the most ideal wood materials for our remodeling and restoration clients in southwest Florida, where humidity, insects and cracking can be a problem.

Not only can cedar be used for large structural jobs, but we also utilize this beautiful natural material for customized home décor and organization projects such as a customized cedar wine library.

Maple is best wood for cost-effective remodeling projects

Maple is extremely durable, which is why it’s one of the most popular and widely used natural materials in remodeling. It’s versatile grain patterns and natural finish makes it easy to paint, varnish and build with. We use this wood often in large structural jobs and smaller décor projects.

Maple Butcher Blocks

Durable, long lasting and stylish, butcher block countertops and islands are a gorgeous addition to your kitchen, and when made from durable Maple, they can be a cost effective alternative to stone countertops. We also recommend oak to clients that want a higher-end wood material.

Before installing butcher block countertops, ask yourself if you will be using the counter for cutting or as a service and display space only. If you’ll be cutting on it – using it as a dual-cutting board in addition to a counter – you’ll need to tell your remodeling professional so they can select a finish and wood appropriate for your needs.

Kitchen Ceiling

Maple carries sound very well, and is used in the manufacture of musical instruments including guitars and violins. This characteristic makes it an ideal natural material to add a unique element to this kitchen ceiling. Maple imparts an open and airy eco friendly décor element, without closing up the room.

Entertainment and Organization Centers

Maple’s versatility can be seen in its variety of grain patterns, that can be used to enhance the artistry and unique flair of cabinetry.

Exotic woods for higher-end home remodeling projects

Zebrawood, is a heavy, hard wood has a somewhat coarse texture with an interlocked grain that can make it difficult to work with, and should only be entrusted to skilled craftsmen.

Bubinga is another exotic wood sourced from Africa and South America. It’s unusual grain pattern and long lasting durability make it a favorite among artisans for customized cabinetry.

Are you interested in remodeling with wood? As you can see it can be used equally well in large and small remodeling projects, and adds a unique warmth and flair to southwest Florida homes. Stop by our showroom to learn more about this eco friendly building material today, and see the options we have available in flooring, repurposed wood tiles and cabinets.


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