Bathroom trends for 2015

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Long considered a refuge from hectic schedules, the bathroom is the only place where privacy is guaranteed and you can be alone for a moment of peace. For such a small room, it has big importance to our state of mind. And to the sale of your home. After the kitchen, the bathroom is the most remarked on room in the house by home buyers. Whether you’re trying to sell your house in 2015 or remodeling, you need to know these top bathroom trends for the new year and beyond.

Why should you care if your bathroom is more fun than functional – or just the opposite? According to, we spend the equivalent of almost two years in the bathroom over the course of a lifetime.

Which makes it even more important to spend your time and budget to remodel your bathroom according to future trends.

According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s style report, as reported in the Huffington Post “more than 400 designers agreed there is a move toward simplicity in a cleaner, more contemporary way. That’s not to say they are going to completely lose their cozy, rustic charm for all-out glamour, but they will have cleaner lines and more minimalist modern vibe.”

We couldn’t agree more. This is a bathroom remodel we did recently for a Gulfshore bayfront condo. We took it from cozy to contemporary, with this bathroom and the kitchen as the most dramatically transformed rooms.

The report also emphasizes a switch from the shower – bathtub combo into (our preferred) separate shower and soaking tub layout. In fact, of all the bathroom appliances you can upgrade, the most impact on style will come by upgrading your bathtub with relaxation, quality and visual appeal in mind.

Our kitchen & bath showroom features Victoria & Albert volcanic limestone baths for homeowners who are renovating with one goal in mind: to create a spa-like environment with timeless style and quality. With tubs ranging from minimalist contemporary to classically roll-topped, this Britain-based company uses volcanic limestone to create each piece to make them beautiful, strong and naturally white.

We feature the IOS freestanding bathtub in our Kitchen & Bath Remodeling showroom. This model has an amazingly compact design, making it ideal for a luxury condo bathroom remodel project.

The bathtub is the focal piece that will set the tone for the style of the bathroom. We recommend making eco-friendly selections for your toilet, fixtures and décor to maintain a balance between luxury and environmental sensibility that will appeal to future buyers as well as your family. Green is another kitchen trend for 2015.

According to Energy Star, approximately 30 percent of household water consumption comes from the toilet. High efficiency, low-flow toilets conserve water and provide a more calming hygienic experience. Toto® is a US-based company that designs gravity-based toilets, low-flow shower heads, automatic sensor faucets, and sinks treated with a patented glaze to prevent debris, mold and bacteria from sticking to porous, ceramic surfaces. Replacing traditional fixtures with green technology such as the Toto® designs, your bathroom is quickly transformed into a high-tech, environmentally friendly oasis.

As you shop for eco-fixtures, look for the Water Sense certification. This partnership program of the Environmental Protection Agency, makes it easy for consumers to save water and protect the environment by identifying high efficiency products that perform well.

Maintain a clean, healthy environment naturally by regularly spraying fixtures and tile with an all-natural cleaning product such as a simple mixture of lemon and water or apple cider vinegar and water. Regular cleaning with prevent mold from forming, which is not only unsightly but also extremely dangerous to your health.

Don’t forget the toilet paper! According to the National Resources Defense Council, if every household in America replaced one four-pack of traditional “virgin fiber” bath tissue with recycled toilet paper, it would save around 1 million trees per year.

Talk to us: Are you ready to remodel your bathroom so it retains its appeal in 2015 and beyond? See the Victoria & Albert volcanic limestone bathtub in our Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Showroom at 1410 Pine Ridge Road in Naples, Florida, and schedule your renovation today.




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