Are you ready for the Florida Remodeling Season

Naples remodeling

No matter how gorgeous the weather has been all winter (southwest Florida) or how unpredictable and cold (the rest of the country), May brings with it the promise of hot summer nights and upgraded living spaces. In most areas of the country, but especially in our home turf of Naples, Florida, summer is the start of remodeling season – that magical part of year when dream homes are made and luxury condos are renovated.

If you’re one of the hundreds that are plotting a remodeling project, the first thing you’ll need to k now is how to hire a reputable company that will make your home renovation dreams come true, not give you nightmares. As clichés go, perhaps the truest and least adhered to saying is “You get what you pay for.” Or another way to say it may be, “Choosing the lowest bid comes with a high cost.”

As much as you may balk at the upfront cost, there’s no arguing the truth that legitimate contractors invest time and money into maintaining insurance coverage, hiring reputable sub-contractors, and keeping projects moving forward as scheduled. Those investments are worth paying for.

In fact, may we be so bold as to ask if saving a few dollars now is worth the hundreds of thousands you may be forced to pay as a result of hiring the lowest bidder? Need further proof? Here are five benefits to hiring a professional remodeling team that you won’t find on any estimate.

Workers Compensation

As a respected contractor, our clients entrust their offices and homes into our care, an important responsibility that we honor with worker’s compensation and general liability insurance coverage. This level of coverage not only offers protection for our laborers, but also for you, our client. If our employees get hurt on your job site we make sure they can get the help they need, not you. That should come as a relief to those who don’t relish the thought of hiring a cheap contractor only to lose their home or business in a lawsuit.

General liability insurance

Keep in mind that Florida only recognizes state-specific insurance policies, so out-of-state companies won’t necessarily be insured in Southwest Florida.

Certified contractor license

Palm Brothers Remodeling operates as a general contractor in the state of Florida under license #CBC 1252533, but there are plenty of contractors that don’t carry valid licenses and attempt to mislead clients on this point. Always verify your contractor’s required licenses through the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.


Talk is cheap. A good contractor will be able to provide referrals from past clients and suppliers to back up claims. We’ve operated on a word-of-mouth basis since 2002, retaining new jobs based only on the outstanding projects we’ve completed for past clients. You have the right to ask for referrals and call them to double check their validity. Any contractor that refuses to supply references is not a company you want to work with. Are you reluctant to ask for references? Visit the Better Business Bureau for an anonymous, fast background check.


Remodeling comes with unknowns that sometimes can’t be foreseen (or avoided). A professional, experienced remodeler will provide a detailed estimate up front so you avoid expensive surprises in the middle of a project. Your estimate should be descriptive and explain what is included. Extremely low estimates are red flags. Illegitimate contractors make money by charging exorbitant fees for change orders and extras after the job has started, leaving you with no choice but to pay thousands of dollars to finish the project.

Talk to us: Are you planning a remodeling project this spring? Do you have questions about hiring a contractor? We offer free on-site estimates or you can visit us in our Kitchen and Bath showroom in Naples. We’re always happy to provide referrals, advice or documentation to prospective remodeling clients.


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