8 Bathroom Remodeling Design Tips

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Like it or not, the bathroom is one of the rooms of the house where we spend the most time. Between showering, getting ready for the day, and other bathroom duties it can get pretty stale looking at the same wall patterns, floor colors, and general layout. For all these reasons, the bathroom is second only to the kitchen as the most popular room to remodel. Before you get started, consider these 8 bathroom remodeling design tips.

1.Cost Considerations

The first thing to take into account before planning the design of a bathroom remodeling is if the time is right. According to the 2015 Cost vs Value Report a bathroom remodel in Florida is a $15, 314 job on average. If you plan on adding a bathroom that’s going to set you back $36,445. The last thing you want to do is have to compromise on coveted bathroom features so make sure the funds are available or if you’d have a better plan of attack with waiting a year and saving more money for the project.

 2. Understand What to Expect

Another question to ask before designing the bathroom is “why are we doing this?”. It’s a valid question that can be answered with

1) our bathroom is disgusting

2) we want to increase the comfort of the room

3) We want to increase our home’s resale value

Reasons numbers 2 and 3 are the best reasons to start a bathroom remodeling project.

 3. Hide the Toilet

One design tip to remember first off is to somehow hide the toilet when the door is open. Even though the toilet is a must-have in the bathroom, it shouldn’t be the focal point of the design. Start the design process by placing the toilet in the most discreet place or plan on creating privacy with a partition or half-wall.

 4. Layer the Lighting

The effectiveness of any room’s lighting depends on layering and that’s crucial even in the bathroom. There is task lighting for getting ready or cleaning the room or accent lighting to add a peaceful ambiance. Sometimes even decorative lighting serves no purpose other than to give the bathroom some unique style.

 5. Don’t Take the Vanity in Vain

The vanity can be one of the most crucial design selections for the bathroom. It’s perhaps the only piece in the room that has to combine functionality but also with style. At the same time splurging on an oversized vanity will intrude on the traffic flow and overall practicality of the bathroom so explore your options.

 7. Plan to Maximize Air Flow

A window in a bathroom provides great natural light but it also serves a very important function – drying out the room to prevent mold and mildew. Take this into consideration when planning for a bathroom remodel as you may need to cut into an outside wall and make sure to select a window that’s operable.

8. Hire a Professional

Perhaps the best bathroom remodeling tip we can offer is to advise you to always hire a licensed, professional remodeling team to help plan the design. There are standard dimensions for each bathroom accessory that we can recommend and our kitchen and bath showroom is full of options to help you in building the perfect bathroom that you’ll actually enjoy spending time in, and one that adds to the resale value of your home. Stop in and schedule a free consultation today.



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