6 Popular Remodeling Trends in Florida in 2017

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While we’re still early into 2017 here in Florida, it’s clear that this is the year when remodeling comes into it’s own. Many residents are finding themselves with extra money due to the lowering fuel prices and resurgence of the economy and they’re wisely looking to invest those finances back into their home. While the brunt of the construction year is yet to come, here’s a look at 6 popular remodeling trends heading to the Sunshine State.

1. Remodel for a Healthier Home

Flu season was especially rough this year, making the quest for a healthier home even more important. We love this trend, and see more and more of our customers investing in air purification systems and monitors throughout the house. We’re also taking a cue from restaurants and installing hands-free fixtures such as sensor-activated toilets and sinks in homes throughout South Florida.

2. Remodel to Create a Minimalistic and Contemporary Home

We’re also fans of the minimalism movement that’s being seen in design trends like sleek, modern contemporary kitchens and bathrooms. It’s fantastic to see top designers incorporating style, simplicity and function. We do the same in our design-build projects.

3. Gray Remains the Most Popular Home Color

Gray has reigned as king of home colors since 2015 for it subtlety, flexibility, and overall appeal.

4. Metal Is Seen in Design and Remodeling Trends

Metals like bronze, silver and copper are making a huge impact on home design and remodeling in Florida this year. It’s a look that can be especially eye catching when they’re mixed throughout lighting, fixtures, cabinets and counter tops.

5. Bathroom Remodeling Favors Luxury Showers versus Tubs

Space constraints, environmental considerations, and advances in fixtures make luxury showers the popular choice in bathroom remodeling this year. We still love a large soaking tub, but they can take up much-needed space in a smaller bathroom. A walk-in shower with gorgeous tile, lighting, high-tech fixtures and a unique door can be one of the biggest ROI boosters in your entire home.

6. Remodeling Existing Homes

We have to say that judging from our upcoming project list, he biggest remodeling trend this year is renovating your current home instead of moving into a new space. In the past, homeowners relocated to find the features they wanted in a home, but thanks to the popularity of programs on home improvement channels such as HGTV, remodeling is now gaining popularity as an easier and more customized option. We couldn’t agree more!

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