5 Tips For Hiring a Professional Remodeling Team

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Remodeling your living space is very different than building a new home or transforming the exterior of your home. Always hire a professional remodeling team with verifiable skills as well as intangible qualities such as integrity, respect and professionalism. After all, a remodeling job is usually done while you’re still living in the home so you may literally have to live with the company you hire.

1. Research Contractors in Naples (or your local city)

Ask for references from friends and family that have worked with Florida remodeling teams in the past. Check names against the Better Business Bureau and review sites such as Houzz, Angie’s List and Yelp. Compile a list of the top 3 candidates.

2. Verify

Ask your candidates for a copy of their liability insurance and surety bond coverage. These insurances protect you against potential lawsuits for injuries suffered on the job site and give you options for recovering your costs if your property is damaged as a result of license or permit issues. Verify the remodeler license status to ensure that all certifications are active.

3. Check References

Ask for a list of previous clients and call to check references. The earlier projects are the best to ask for references because they can help you understand how the work stands the test of time and offer a glimpse into the community reputation of the remodeling team.

4. Evaluate Professional Integrity

Unlike licenses and certifications that can be verified, professional integrity is a more intangible concept. To evaluate the level of respect and professionalism you can expect during your job, pay attention to the way you are treated before the job starts. Does your prospective contractor return calls and emails in a timely manner? Ask intelligent questions about the project and listen carefully to your answers? Arrive to meetings on time? The answers to these questions will tell you a lot about the level of professionalism.

5. Prepare your house for work

A successful remodeling project doesn’t start and end with hiring a great professional remodeling company, you’ll need to do some additional legwork to ensure your project goes smoothly. Inform your neighbors that you will be having some work done on your home; give them contact information for you and the project supervisor in case an emergency arises and you’re not available. Communicate power tools operating hours and your expectations for daily clean-up with your remodeler so there is no confusion when the project gets underway.

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  1. You advised asking for a list of previous clients and calling them to check references. My husband has finally agreed to my idea of remodeling our kitchen, and now we need to hire a good contractor for the job. I’ll be sure to check out their websites and call their references, as I want to know how others felt after working with these services. Thanks for the helpful tips.

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