5 Surprising home remodeling options with cork

cork remodeling

For eco-friendly home remodeling, cork is fast becoming the most requested materials for its high recycled content and it’s green from start to finish because raw materials can be obtained from sustainable sources. Check out these surprising ways you can use cork in your next remodeling project. Here are 5 ways to use cork in your home remodel


Cork flooring in the bathrooms and kitchen, if not the whole home, embodies the industries new buzzwords “antimicrobial” and “antibacterial.” Cork comes in many colors, white being the preferred color choice for most homeowners, so it can be used throughout your home and fits with any design style. It can even be installed in a variety of patterns, including the plank or herringbone pattern usually associated with wood flooring.



Create a kitchen backsplash! Cork is a durable but flexible material that has dozens of uses. Designer Regina Pace used it in this kitchen backsplash.

This kitchen was built on a budget, so Pace wanted to make sure it looked nice while still keeping it affordable. She spiced up the look of the space by combining affordable box cabinetry with 1″ x 2″ split-face travertine tile mixed in with corks.

Cut in half, the corks were exactly the right size to create a unique pattern on a kitchen back splash.


A cork wall offers a naturally decorative and modern alternative to traditional walls in this wine room. You can use cork to create unique walls anywhere in your home since cork tiles are available in a wide variety of unique styles, patterns and shades to compliment any décor or furniture style, and will add character and warmth to any room.


Cork is a natural insulator of temperature and sound, making it an ideal material to provide a decorative flair to a traditional ceiling.

Outdoor living space

Develop healthy, luxurious landscaping by using ground cork as garden mulch. Grind up corks with a food processor and add the mixture to your garden bed. The cork retains a lot of moisture. You can also put this mixture in the bottom of flower pots.


Unsure of what to do with old corks at home? Green manufacturing company Yemm & Hart accepts natural corks that are mailed into their processing facility. The Missouri-based company is converting them into wine cork tiles for construction and design purposes.


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