5 Best Ways to Live Large in a Small Space

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Small living spaces are often the price we pay for living in paradise. Whether you’re a snowbird hoping to make the most out of a winter condo-space here in Naples, or you just relocated to a new (smaller) house, these tips to maximize your space will guarantee a home sweet home.

  1. Furniture should do double duty

Small spaces don’t have room to waste, so make sure that pieces you have can be used for a variety of purposes. Custom built entertainment centers and organization cabinetry acts as storage while adding eye-catching design to your interior. Choose from a variety of materials and finishes depending on your budget and lifestyle.

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  1. Use color to make space appear bigger

Warm colors and cooler color shades are processed differently by the human brain. Warmer colors (reds, oranges, bright yellows) make surfaces appear closer, while cooler colors (blues, soft greens, beige) makes surfaces appear to recede. Use a cooler color scheme or monochromatic palette in small spaces to make rooms appear bigger and airier.
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3. Make the most of closet spaces

Storage areas that spill over into main rooms lend a sense of overcrowding and chaos to smaller spaces. Utilize ready-made or custom-built closet organizers to get more use out of the storage space you have. When home necessities are well-organized and easy to get to you and your guests will feel calmer and more comfortable, even in the tightest spaces.

  1. Turn nooks into living areas

It’s possible that you have more livable square footage than you think you do. Older homes and condos often have awkwardly laid out nooks and crannies that can be remodeled into reading areas, bars, organization centers or even removed to make adjacent rooms larger.

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  1. Don’t forget the ceiling

Sometimes it just takes an unusual design element to transform a smaller space into a chic home. Ceilings are underused, under estimated style centers that can provide unforgettable flair. We utilize eco friendly materials and artisan craftsmanship to turn traditional bedrooms and kitchens into stylish spaces.

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