4 Ways to Make Your Small Space Seem Bigger

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There’s no doubt that ‘bigger is better’ whether we’re talking about your bank account or your kitchen.  While it’s definitely important to be cozy and comfortable with your family, not even the tightest knit tribes want to spend every waking moment crowded on top of each other. Of course there are physical limitations of a space that can’t be changed without knocking out walls but take a look at these four design trends to make your small space look and feel bigger.

Expand Your Space With Lighter Colors

One of the best ways to improve the feeling of how big or small your space appears is with the use of reflection. Aside from adorning your living room walls with mirrors, the best way to achieve natural reflection is by using light colors. Lighter flooring and wall colors will bounce any of the natural light around the room and make it appear much larger. By contrast, darker colors will instead absorb that light and make it feel dim and closed in.

Get Creative With Storage to Add Space

The less clutter the better when trying to make a room look bigger than it is. The hard part with that is that you still need the stuff that makes the room look so disorganized. The best way to create the allure of space is by getting creative with storage. If possible stash items like DVD’s as high on the wall as possible to maintain liveable space. The best things about using as much of the walls as possible is that it not only frees up an area to move around, it also draws the eyes upwards and tricks the brain into thinking the room is bigger. Better yet, convert a footrest into a storage unit so it can serve a dual functionality.

Leave Windows Uncovered to Make Space Appear Light, Airy and Big

Depending on your view, leaving the windows open can create an optical sense of depth and perspective. Trees that vary in size or a road that fades away into nothing are a free resource to expand the looks of your room.

Use Stripes to Add Height to Low Ceilings

You can also use stripes to give your room perspective, specifically placed vertically from the main entrance of the room. A black and white stripe rug might not be the most appealing piece of décor, but it will help you feel less cramped in a smaller room.

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