Here’s Why Now is the Best Time to Remodel in Naples

Naples remodeling

In this in between time after the  hot summer months and before the start of “the season” in Florida, we’ve identified four reasons why now might be the best time to remodel in Naples.

1. Attract Trade-Up Home Buyers

Remodeling and flipping homes has become a popular business option thanks to shows made popular by home improvement channels. There are two main types of ‘flippers’ – those that do so to a extra property to earn an income and those who fix up their own homes to increase market value in hopes of making enough money on the sale to purchase an upgraded property. Either way it’s good for the Florida economy as a whole with a report from CNBC stating that Orlando homeowners were spending $1,770 as well as Tampa $2,440 and Miami $2,010. It may not seem like a lot but those figures were per home so it’s a positive trend that can be seen in Naples as well.

 2. Increasing Federal and State Subsidies For Energy Efficiency

Naples obviously has some of the best conditions for harnessing solar power, but unfortunately we only rank around 17th in installed solar capacity which has led to state and local governments to increase the incentive for homeowners to upgrade their homes. Because of the high stress on cooling systems tax rebates are also available for energy efficient A/C systems, windows, and even roofing.

 3. Landlords Hoping to Raise Rent

Florida’s steady population growth and improved job stability are good news for home sales and rentals. Simple upgrades to interior design, flooring, fixtures, and better curb appeal will go far when you’re putting your place on the market.

 4. Projects Are Great Investments

Updates to kitchens and bathrooms can often result in an equivalent return on investment when the house sells or rents at a higher price. We offer free estimates to potential clients, and our team of experienced contractors can help explain what your investment and return may be, project to project.

Contact us today or stop by our Kitchen and Bath Remodeling showroom in Naples to get started.


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