2016 Home Remodeling Tile Trends

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How To Use Tile to Create Lavish Living Spaces

DUNE Ceramics is a Spanish producer and supplier of decorative tiles, furniture tops, glass and stone washbasins. Company was established in 1993 in Castellon, Spain, as a producer of borders and special pieces for ceramic floors.

We are one of the only distributors of this luxury tile in Naples, Florida, and throughout the Southeast United States. Dune Ceramics is a brand that is synonymous with luxury and style, which is why we feature this tile in our Kitchen and Bath Remodeling showroom in Naples, Florida.

Take a look at this video to find out why Dune Ceramics has been an industry leader for more than two decades.

Are you ready to update your tile? Trends forecast for 2016 are:
Larger and thinner

Advancements in manufacturing has made it possible to make tiles that are larger and thinner than ever before. This means that tile can be installed easier and in places that up to now have been inaccessible. This could add a whole new look to kitchens and bathroom walls and counters.


Texture such as taking on the look and feel of paper or stone is a huge trend in tile for this year and 2016. Manufacturing trends include actually pressing the textile onto the tile to recreate the natural look and feel.

Color blocking

As in fashion, color blocking – the art of mixing and matching large chunks of color together – is all the rage.


A new twist on the traditional mosaic is to recreate large visuals using large tiles of pattern or color. The effect is striking and a little unusual as well as being much easier and cost effective to install.

Replicated stone

As always, stone – or a close replica – is extremely popular in home décor. New manufacturing trends makes it possible to recreate the look and feel of marble without the extravagant cost.

We feature these tile trends and more in our Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Showroom in Naples, Florida. Stop in and see the latest trends in tile, flooring, counters and kitchens and bathrooms today.


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