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Have you seen the new evolution of Range Hoods?

Range hoods have always had one clear purpose: ventilate cooking odors so your kitchen doesn’t stink. In the past, kitchen hoods were big and bulky, taking up valuable wall space or – in the case of island hoods… Read More

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Are you ready for the Florida Remodeling Season

No matter how gorgeous the weather has been all winter (southwest Florida) or how unpredictable and cold (the rest of the country), May brings with it the promise of hot summer nights and upgraded living spaces. In most… Read More

Florida Sink Trends

Florida is well known for being the sinkhole capital of the United States. Since that is a dubious distinction, we suggest focusing on a different kind of Florida sink – the stainless steel, ceramic and cast iron versions… Read More

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How to prepare for your next remodeling project

In only a few short weeks, most of Naples, Florida, will be in a state of renovation as home owners retreat to summer homes in the north and leave their Florida living spaces in the hands of their… Read More

Naples remodeling

How to Design the Perfect Shower

Be honest, are you really using the traditional shower/tub fixture in your bathroom? In most cases the tub is too shallow to relax in a bath, what you’re left with is just a larger, underutilized shower area. Given… Read More

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How to makeover your Hallway and Foyer

As the most popular rooms in any home, kitchens and bathrooms traditionally get the most attention when it’s time for a remodel. But let’s take a moment to remember the rooms and spaces that connect every room together,… Read More

Naples remodeling

Bathroom Upgrades You Can (Probably) Do Yourself but shouldn’t

Major bathroom upgrades require a professional to be sure the job is done correctly and with the best quality. A bathroom in need of a simple upgrade – a quick polish – is the perfect candidate for do-it-yourself… Read More

What to Know About Controlling Dust During Remodeling

What to Know About Controlling Dust During Remodeling