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How to Get Your Dream Home With Any Budget

Do you dream of large living spaces, open floor plans and spa-quality bathrooms, but you live in an older, cramped home? The secret to living in your ideal space is to look at properties – including your current… Read More

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5 Surprising home remodeling options with cork

For eco-friendly home remodeling, cork is fast becoming the most requested materials for its high recycled content and it’s green from start to finish because raw materials can be obtained from sustainable sources. Check out these surprising ways… Read More

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What to do with Leftover Building Materials

Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen, repainting your bedroom, or putting in a new patio, odds are you’ll have some building materials leftover. Wood, paint and bricks are three commonly used construction materials that often end up in the… Read More

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Remodeling Must Dos for Your Beach House

In Naples, Florida, the ocean and its white sandy beaches are the stars. Unfortunately, not every beachfront home comes with our city’s natural beauty on display. When it comes to remodeling your beach home your buzzwords should be… Read More

How to Create Kitchen Storage out of Walls

When is a wall more than a room separator? When it’s re-functioned into storage space. A wall is just wood framework and plaster; the space between the studs is not only functional, but can also add architectural interest… Read More

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DIY Looks Deceptively Easy (It’s Not)

Of the millions of Americans that are planning a home remodeling project in the next two years, a whopping 70% of them plan to do all or part of those projects themselves, according to a survey GfK conducted… Read More

Trendproof your interior with this sensible guide to using this utilitarian material indoors

Design Workshop: Plywood as Finish

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Best Natural Remodeling Materials

The most sustainable materials to build and decorate with are natural. Those include wood, stone, marble, brick and metals such as steel, copper and iron. Not only are these materials beautiful and natural, but they also add unique… Read More

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11 Renovations that get the best return on your remodel dollar

You might not plan on selling tomorrow but you should be aware of the return you can expect on the investments you make in your home renovations. Prepare to be surprised at the cost versus value ratio for… Read More

8 Cost-Effective Ways to Get a High-End Look

Don’t discount that expensive material yet. By using a small amount in a strategic way, you can get a luxurious look without the expense of a luxury remodel.